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About Us

Sovereign Door Supervision Ltd was launched in 2004.  Our company ethos is to never repeat the mistakes that other security companies we have worked for are making and continue to make.

About John Harper, Director

John Harper has worked within the security business for over 20 years, both in the military and in the civilian sector. During this time he has gained enormous experience in hostile and non-hostile environments. Over the past few years there have been some major changes within the security industry, especially with the introduction of the Government led initiative regarding the Security Industry Authority (SIA) screening of potential license holders. John has, in that time, learnt much from other security companies who he has worked for especially their greed for profit being uppermost in their thought process, their indifference to their clients needs once they have been awarded a contract and their extremely poor staff management.

John is a qualified Health and Safety Advisor, who can undertake risk assessments and is also qualified and trained in Search Awareness. He is available to undertake any consultations that you or your company may require and conduct a full risk assessment for your venue.

John Harper

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) aim to raise standards of professionalism and skills within the private security industry and to promote and spread best practice.   John Harper, Sovereign Door Supervision