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Bristol car parks stay safe when secuity protected

A visual security presence deters thieves from targeting vehicles and also ensures that customers who park their vehicles do so with confidence. We also know that car parks seem to attract people who are homeless, on drugs, carry out anti-social behaviour and unfortunately those with mental illness. We have the experience to ensure that your car park stays safe and free from these problems.

On the positive side we have also been known to help customers who have lost their keys or personal property and have guided lone workers to their cars.

Our security officers are trained in conflict management and can help you create a safe and secure environment for clients and customers to park their cars.

Services provided at public and private car parks are varied, and include:

  • Access Control
  • Trespasser Removal
  • Customer Escort
  • Responding to Alarms
  • Monitoring Cameras
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Visual Deterrent
  • Customer Service
Car park security

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