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Hotel Security

Keeping the hotels in Bristol safe and secure

Hotel security offers different security problems to a lot of other security situations. Not only do they need to cover the reception areas but also the car parks and outside spaces. Guests will often leave bags or equipment unattended when they use hotel facilities providing easy opportunities for thieves to grab and run. Having visible security personnel reduces the risk of this situation arising.

We can provide security staff both during the day and the night which will protect your staff so they can concentrate on doing their jobs. Any security officer we send to you is completely honest, reliable and highly competent in hotel security as well as being professional and customer friendly.

Security Concierge

Many apartment complexes and luxury homes now employ a security concierge to act as a first point of contact when visitors arrive at the premises. These are fully trained and screened, SIA Licensed Security Guards. They will provide many courtesy services such as signing for packages and holding goods ready for collection. They will often monitor the parking areas and take registration numbers. If CCTV equipment is available they can monitor it and report any problems with any of the properties, call for repairs or phone the emergency services. As a 24 hour service, you can rest assured that all your visitors are screened and that only the ones you want to see will get through.

Hotel Security