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Need outstanding security guards for your shopping centre in Bristol?

Reported retail crime costs retailers over £1.2 billion each year. We can help protect your premises. We can provide CCTV operators, onsite Retail Security Guards or Evening Mobile Patrols.  We offer professional and efficient solutions for all your retail security needs.

CCTV Cameras provide a cost effective way to keep an eye on a store, shopping complex or warehouse.  Our retail security officers skilled in CCTV operation can help protect against planned or opportunist thieves or dishonest staff.  We can provide skilled CCTV operators to your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can also provide help with undercover surveillance to detect any ‘inside jobs’ and monitoring stock going missing.

Our Shopping Centre Security Guards are an excellent deterrent against retail crime.  They are a constant lookout for any suspicious activity.  Our guards are trained to not only protect against theft, but also help with any disturbances and threatening behaviour from shoppers.

Shop lifters unlawfully and unconsciously steal from stores. There are also those disgruntled individuals who intentionally tamper with products rendering the products worthless. Our security guards are trained to properly detect and report suspicious individuals. With the strong presence of an alert security guard, shop lifting individuals are less likely to go through with the criminal act because they know there is a high chance of getting caught.


We can provide:

  • CCTV Operators
  • Retail Security Guards
  • Store Detectives
  • Loss Prevention Officers (inside jobs!)

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Keep Your Factory or Warehouse Secure

We can provide Security Guards for factories, security for warehouses and security for other types of units.  It is a fact that factories and industrial units that are left empty at night time and during weekends and holidays become targets for thieves and vandals.

We can help you secure your premises during these times by using one or more of our Static Security Guards.

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