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Security Training

The following people undertake all forms of security training in the Bristol area on a regular basis and at very competitive prices compared to other training courses. They are both current in all aspects of training and are fully up to date with the latest practices.


Paul is a qualified assessor

Leading security instructor on door supervisors courses, close protection, CCTV, upskilling, fire, health & safety, APLH, first aid, handcuff course, restraint classes, conflict management. He also teaches several martial arts and self defence.

CONTACT DETAILS: Telephone: 07846 463976 or 01685 884 151

Email: or


Maria is also a qualified instructor and can equally do all the above with the exception of self defence and martial arts

CONTACT DETAILS: Telephone: 07776 145790

Email: or

It is now up to you to get in contact with either of the above if you want to get first class training in readiness for a job in the security industry.